• Andres Felipe Murillo Avendaño

    Andres Felipe Murillo Avendaño

  • Sam


    https://www.kinalta.com : Use our Kinalta software to be more productive. Learn Agile and Productivity with our articles, books https://www.sam9000.com

  • An Hoang

    An Hoang

  • Fouad Sahraoui

    Fouad Sahraoui

  • Tom M

    Tom M

  • Kidmoy


  • Ilias Xenogiannis

    Ilias Xenogiannis

    I am an electrical engineer student with a passion in data science.

  • Svetlana Levitan

    Svetlana Levitan

    Soon to be open for new opportunities. Analytics software engineer and technical lead for many years. Meetup organizer, conference presenter, inventor, mentor.

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